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There are three phases of care involved with our treatment of an acute/painful problem.

1. Acute Injury Care:

Pain, discomfort and stress at the injury site is the primary symptom and often pain or tingling follows a nerve in the arms with neck pain, or legs with low back pain. Headache is often a symptom. Repetitive adjustments on a daily or two-daily basis are necessary to set and reinforce joint alignment and encourage healing. Bed rest, posture and lifestyle modification is often imperative, although we will do our best to have you continuing with your obligations.

2. Management Care:

Adjustments are spaced further apart and the acute symptoms decrease significantly as the adjustments hold for longer periods. Although the patient feels much better, spinal checks are necessary to prevent a recurrence and to encourage healing at a deeper level. Certain permanent or semi-permanent spinal conditions like scoliosis or arthritis need continuing management care.

3. Maintenance:

The spine is now stable and has reached a balanced equilibrium. Preventative health care will now maintain the healthy condition of your spine and nervous system in much the same way that you would visit your dentist to ensure against cavities starting. Healthy patients receive preventative maintenance care. At this point it is your choice whether to continue or not.