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Chiropractic Care


  • Babies and children, who suffer from colic, have falls, accidents and trauma.
  • Adolescents and adults who encounter high physical or work/study related stress or trauma.
  • Older folk with age related degenerative conditions.
  • Sportsmen and women, due to high impact contacts and distorted positioning.
  • Women in all stages of pregnancy and post delivery.
  • Men with poor abdominal muscle tone.
  • Those who require post surgical management.
  • People of all ages with certain spinal curvatures (scoliosis), genetic imperfections and anomalies of the spine or musculo-skeletal system.
  • People, who encounter pain into the extremities, back and neck due to nerve entrapment.
  • People who suffer from certain types of headache.
  • People of all ages with healthy spines whose hectic lifestyles create spinal misalignment.
  • People whose musculo- skeletal systems are compromised and weakened by colds, flu, infections, organ failure or disease.
  • Musculo-skeletal distortion or misalignment due to a variety of stresses other than physical.
  • Animals with treatable spinal conditions.


Chiropractic care is a natural health care system that considers the nervous system paramount in controlling all body function. Nerves exit from the spinal cord via openings between the vertebrae, before dividing and distributing throughout the body in an intricate and extensive manner. This complexity of nerves controls all body function by carrying messages to and from muscles, glands, organs and other cellular structures, and the control centre, the brain.

The spinal vertebrae become misaligned due to accidents, trauma, contact sport, poor posture, work positions, mechanical wear, disease, genetic imperfections and stress. These misalignments can affect nerve and blood vessel entrapment, thereby interfering with vital energy flow targeted for body structures. This miscommunication results in dysfunction which primarily results in dis-ease and can later progress to disease in the areas affected.

The Chiropractor analyses the spine and extremities in search of vertebral misalignments by using palpation (touch), diagnostic neurological tests and X-rays. The misalignments, known as subluxations, are re-adjusted using specialized Chiropractic adjusting techniques that vary from Chiropractor to Chiropractor. A resultant mobile spine shifts its equilibrium encouraging free-flowing nerve impulses to all body parts, ensuring good health and well-being. In this practice, we see the whole as more important than the separate parts (as taught at Palmer College) and will often treat the whole spine rather than just the neck or low back.

Our therapy often includes extremity joint adjusting, muscle balancing treatments and meridian point massage, the aim being to bring the whole body into equilibrium. We also encourage a healthy lifestyle, sound nutrition, regular exercise, stress management; good posture and firmly believe in holistic principles.


We provide two types of care:

1.Illness Care is provided either when an acute short term trauma incident is experienced or when a chronic long term progression leads to the triggering of a painful incident. Chiropractic care would follow a particular protocol, the intention being to return the patient to health.

2.Health Care emphasizes keeping a healthy, well aligned person in equilibrium. Emphasis is on keeping the spine subluxation free, the body musculature in balance and the whole system in efficient functioning condition. This is a preventative, philosophy geared to maintaining you in optimal health.