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Response to Life (RTL) sees the body as a resonating drum informing the “I” living in the body about its decision making.

Correct decisions or appropriate responses to life generally lead the body into peace, relaxation lightness, playfulness, joy, laughter, positivity, internal release, high vitality, good health and musculo-skeletal balance.
Conversely incorrect decisions or inappropriate responses to life generally lead to tension, stress, heaviness, a short fuse, a dark outlook, negativity, an over busy mind, constant thought, pain, dis-ease, sickness and musculo-skeletal distortion. Our responses to life or our choices regarding life primarily revolve around the following classifications:

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Energetic

If you respond to life by falling down the stairs and physically misalign you back or neck, Chiropractic will more than likely sort out the problem. If your body is running acid from what you eat, drink or breathe, your joints will ache and a change in food chemistry will be far more appropriate than a Chiropractic adjustment to ease your achy-ness.

Inappropriate emotional responses to high impact or continuous impact events will distort your body’s resonating drum as will persisting with a particular mental pattern like smoking or judging or criticizing where not appropriate. Following a spiritual or religious path that is not matched to who you are, again will lead to distortion in the physical. If the energetic fields of the body are altered the physiology below becomes distorted and emphasis is then on balancing and correcting the fields to correct the physiology below. All actions in the head translate into the body – some positive, some negative, for example the thought of a particular pretty girl in a young man’s head kicks the heart rate up 20 beats per minute as well as stimulating various glandular processes. Fears and other negative thoughts kick into body distortion and contraction plus more.

From a professional basis the physical can be dealt with in a scientific manner using tests and well tried techniques, as can the chemical. But the emotional, mental, spiritual, are individual variants that change with time, experience, place, age etc. Working with these aspects is an art, and artists find out through life that they are talented as painters or musicians or healers or emotional – mental – spiritual readers. Application of this art now swings from the scientific to the intuitive and the talent of the person applying the art is highly individual. As the art develops and the artist progresses, so does the depth to which the artist can go. An analogy would be similar to initially being able to see the surface skin only, before progressing to seeing the blood flowing below it, then to seeing into the organs, then further still into the bones and finally when fully developed, down to the bone marrow. A similar process develops when reading the emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic.

Régine & Barry work individually in their own appropriate intuitive way to find and treat which primary inappropriate responses are distorting a person, creating pain, suffering and unhappiness.
Sometimes the findings are hard to take or difficult to swallow because you put them there and you may even convince yourself that the practitioner is wrong. Looking deeply in at the self can be very unsettling because the realization will always be that “I” am prime cause. Nobody likes to hear that their choices have caused them to miss the target, yet we all make mistakes constantly and are meant to learn from them. We are meant to see the uneasy physical state that we are left in and match it to the wrong choices of our mind and body. Only then can we change the response and with the change, experience a healthier outcome. We are meant to read our physical symptoms clearly to see whether our mind is leading us in the right direction or not…..