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Registered Chiropractors and members of CASA

Barry Birkett

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and schooled at Grey junior/high before matriculating at St. Andrews College in Grahamstown. A four year B.A.Higher Education Diploma followed at Rhodes University. At this time Barry was in the Springbok springboard diving team and became interested in Sports Chiropractic. After teaching in East London, Barry worked on Marion Island as a meteorologist and thereafter left for America to study Chiropractic. Barry met Régine at Palmer Chiropractic College in America and both returned to France before returning to South Africa. Barry took up residence at the High Rustenburg Hydro in Stellenbosch before opening a permanent practice in the Fish Hoek valley. Birkett Legrand Chiropractic has been in the Fish Hoek area for 20 years and as an additional health offshoot R.T.L. Response to Life whole health technique was developed and is used exclusively by Barry and Régine.

Regine Legrand

Born in Paris, France – she left for the States to study Chiropractic at Palmer College at age 19. She graduated in 1987 and returned to France where she practiced for a year in Dijon. Barry came to join her as soon as he finished in 1988 for a few months before he started at the Hydro. Régine arrived in South Africa in January 1989 and within a few months they opened up their practice: Birkett-Legrand Chiropractic Center. They focus on all aspects of health including diet and exercise advice with an emphasis on emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic too.